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My name is Tom Krapp. I have been a intercessor and prayer walker for about 20 years.

I am also a craftsman. Making shofars is a passion to help others know the awesome presents of walking in the peace of the Holy Spirit.

Father God tells me how to make each shofar.

Note: Shofar's from most places are not made by people that are Spirit filled. Also the horns stink because the blood is still in the horn.

The shofar's I make do not have the blood still inside them and the Holy Spirit guides me. Think about it... Shofar's from outside of the USA do not have good mouth pieces. 

The shofar's I make have a proper made mouth piece and the shofar is completely cleaned on the inside making very good clear sound. All kudu shofar's are sold with a bag.

Welcome GCU Academy Chaplains.



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